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Chukasoba Fukuro: Horse Mackerel Ramen

Chukasoba Fukuro (中華そば 梟) serves only one bowl. But they make it count. Their high-level horse mackerel and chicken ramen is a work of art.

High-Level Horse Mackerel Ramen

The seasoning is a light shoyu, with the chicken base providing ample richness. But it’s the horse mackerel (aji) accent in fish flake form that’s the pleasant highlight. The fish and chicken harmoniously swim and fly together.

Mackerel Ramen

Aji Niboshi Chukasoba

You get both chicken and pork chashu toppings. The chicken is particularly juicy and tender. The pork chashu is a bit chewier, but still nice.

Mackerel Ramen Closeup

Located in Hasunuma

Chukasoba Fukuro is on the Tokyu Ikegami Line and the nearest station is Hasunuma. It’s away from any tourist area and that’s really part of the charm. I grew up not too far from this quaint residential neighborhood.

Mackerel Ramen - Outside

Bear in mind that Nagata-san (the owner) is ok if you take photos of the ramen. Just don’t take photos of him or of the ramen shop interior.


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