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Daikanyama Ramen – Ramen Kojiro 526

Among Daikanyama ramen shops, Ramen Kojiro 526 (らーめん 526) stands out. Their Jiro-inspired, garlic-heavy ramen is overflowing with thick noodles and bean sprouts.

Daikanyama Ramen - Kojiro Outside

There aren’t many noteworthy restaurants for ramen in Daikanyama. Ramen Kojiro 526 (らーめん こじろう 526) therefore has a comfy head start. But even without this, they’d still be in the running. Technically, the restaurant is nestled between Shibuya and Daikanyama stations.

Daikayama Ramen, Jiro-Style

Jiro-kei means big. Even the regular sized ramen here takes time to finish. At the very beginning it’s like you’re burrowing through a bean sprout mountain. Then you hit gold – an oily and heavy soy sauce broth greets you.

Daikanyama Ramen - Kojiro Ramen

They’ll ask if you want garlic or not. If you say yes, you’ll get plenty, just like at Jiro.

Lastly, the wheaty noodles are super chewy and are made fresh by the in-house machine every day.

Ramen Vibes

Owner Koyabashi-san is always an interesting guy to talk to. I’m not sure about his English level but I imagine he’d make an effort!

The man, the myth, the legend

Much like at Jiro, the interior of Kojiro is gritty and simple. That’s all you need – a chair to sit and some chopsticks.

Daikanyama Ramen - Kojiro Interior

Kojiro is at the very top of the Daikanyama ramen mountain.


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