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Ebisoba Ichigen - Savory Shrimp Ramen in Shinjuku

Ebisoba Ichigen (えびそば一幻) does shrimp ramen like no other, and in Shinjuku. Choose your broth’s flavor and richness, and even thick or thin noodles.

Ebisoba Ichigen - Shio Ramen

Ebisoba Ichigen and Customization

Every bowl at Ichigen has a distinct shrimp flavor, thanks to ama-ebi (sweet shrimp). On top of this, you get to choose from 3 broth flavors:

  1. Shio (Salt)

  2. Shoyu (Soy Sauce)

  3. Miso

You also choose from 3 levels of broth richness, determined by the amount of tonkotsu (pork bone):

  1. Weak (sono mama)

  2. Medium (hodo hodo)

  3. Strong (ajiwai)

Ebisoba Ichigen - Inside Shinjuku Shop
Walls littered with celebrity signatures

Lastly, choose thick or thin noodles.

Their shrimp ramen broth has a slightly burnt flavor, making it hot! The toppings are excellent, including ground shrimp.

Shrimp Ramen – Shio (Salt) Base

With the lighter shio (salt) base, my recommendation would be weak or medium richness. This permits that shio to shine through and not have the pork bones take over completely. I prefer thin noodles with this one.

Ebisoba Ichigen - Shio Ramen Noodles

Shrimp Ramen – Miso Base 

This is my favorite bowl here. I feel like any of the richness levels would be fine with the miso ramen – even strong. Bear in mind that a weaker richness allows the shrimp to stand out more, without any porky interruptions.

Ebisoba Ichigen - Miso Ramen

Go for thick noodles with the miso. I have yet to try the shoyu (soy sauce)!

Ichigen’s Roots, Success

Ebi Soba Ichigen started in Sapporo, Hokkaido and now has 4 shops in Japan. 2 are in Sapporo and 2 are in Tokyo (Shinjuku and Tokyo station).

Visit at odd hours to avoid the crowds. For shrimp ramen with fun customization, try Ebi Soba Ichigen. If you’re looking for delicious and affordable seafood (sashimi) in Shinjuku, click HERE.

Shinjuku Shop:

Sapporo Flagship Shop:


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