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Surfing Inspired Fish Ramen in Ikebukuro

The fish ramen at Tanaka (志奈そば 田なか) primarily features fish and kelp – no chicken or pork bones here. The ramen is savory, modern, and takes inspiration from the owner’s love of the ocean and surfing.

Modern and Slick Fish Ramen

Their most popular “Niboshi Truffle Soba” is just as tasty as it is visually beautiful. The niboshi (sardines and mackerel) are from Kujukuri and they usher in a wave of fish flavors with every sip of broth.

Niboshi Truffle Soba, All Toppings

But the truffle oil playfully and deliciously works alongside these flavors. I don’t feel like that Tanaka relies on the truffle oil too much.

Finally, the thin and flat noodles are of good quality and really take in the broth.

Heavier and Rich Ramen

Their "重濃" bowl is much heavier. It’s thick and creamy and the niboshi fishiness is dramatically multiplied.

The heavier Niboshi Soba, All Toppings

The noodles are even thinner and fittingly have more water in them. This is so they don’t soak up as much of the more intensely flavored broth.

In addition, with all toppings you’re treated to both soft chicken chashu and pork chashu that are seasoned differently in both bowls. There’s even quail egg! The lighter bowl includes hosaki menma (bamboo shoots) while the heavier includes raw onions.

Both fish ramen bowls at Tanaka really hit the spot. The owner started out in Italian cuisine and his modern take on ramen is clear. Which of the ramen you get just depends on your fish tolerance.


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