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Fried Chicken Ramen – Takeout from Oreyu

Fried chicken ramen sounds crazy – and it is. At Oreryu, the “Otoko Mori” (manly ramen) includes cripsy fried chicken and big slices of tender pork chashu.

Fried Chicken Ramen

Oreryu is all about shio (salt ramen). Select a light or heavy broth. I’d recommend the heavier broth with the fried chicken.

Fried Chicken Ramen - Heavy Shio

Massive Karaage Chicken!

While the broth is creamy from the chicken bones, it isn’t messy and still has a gentleness to it. When you order takeout, they properly separate the cripsy chicken from the broth.

Light Shio Ramen

The lighter broth is crystal clear, with the shio seasoning piercing through. The pictured takeout bowl below is the lighter broth with butter and corn toppings.

Fried Chicken Ramen - Light Shio

You can see my sliding technique (sliding noodles / toppings onto the broth) wasn’t as well-executed.

To see this slide and my review of both ramen, check out the video below!

Oreryu Shio Ramen has branches throughout Tokyo, but has the largest presence in Shibuya City and Meguro City.

They’re known for a massive menu. Their miso ramen gets the job done but shio ramen is what they’re best known for!

Fried Chicken Ramen - Outside


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