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Old-School Ramen in Setagaya with a Twist: Fukumori

For ramen in Setagaya, Chukasoba Fukumori (中華そば ふくもり) is a good call. Part of the “Setagaya” Ramen group, Fukumori is fundamentally old-school, but with some modern twists.

Ramen in Setagaya - Fukumori Outside

Fukumori’s Chukasoba

Their signature chukasoba is old-school in appearance. With a light soy sauce base, it tastes old-school too. But it packs a much stronger fish punch, coming from sardines and horse mackerel niboshi (dried).


The niboshi adds a fishy bitterness to the watery, otherwise chicken-based broth. The modern twists include yuzu citrus peels and melt-in-your-mouth fatty pork belly.

Fukumori’s Shio Ramen

In addition, Fukumori has a “shio chuka” ramen. It’s not your typically light shio ramen. It’s extra salty and punches hard with that same niboshi fish essence.

Ramen in Setagaya - Fukumori Shio

Shio Chuka

It’s even more salty after you toss in the side of yuzu kosho (chili peppers with yuzu citrus). Furthermore, there are chicken slices instead of pork, and the noodles are thinner. All noodles are made from Hokkaido wheat!

Old-School Vibes

Fukumori is one of the few ramen shops in Tokyo with a tatami mat room (zashiki). You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the Showa era.

Ramen in Setagaya - Fukumori Inside

For ramen in Setagaya, Chukasoba Fukumori gets it right – both nostalgia points and ramen (although on the fishier side)!

Affordable and popular

For meaty ramen in a similarly old-school Setagaya environment, CLICK HERE.


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