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Goryokaku in Ogikubo: Hakodate Shio Ramen

Goryokaku (函館塩ラーメン 五稜郭) in Ogikubo has masterfully produced a shio ramen inspired by Hakodate City and the sea. It’s a refreshing, healthy bowl that’s hard to forget.

Goryokaku in Ogikubo - Inside

Goryokaku takes its names from a big fort in Hakodate City, Hokkaido. As the ramen shop owner is from Hakodate, it’s only appropriate that he’d choose a landmark and ramen style from his hometown.

A Sea Lover’s Shio Ramen

This bowl’s top-notch ingredients subtly carry it. These ingredients include makombu from Dounan (a firmer and sweeter high-quality kelp), dried scallops from Sarufutsu, and chicken (bones) from around Japan.

Ramen with Egg, Extra Gagome Kelp

The shio ramen starts at an affordable ¥750. You’ll get 2 types of chashu pork (one broiled), negi, menma, and a slice of “fu” (wheat gluten). Fu is popular in Hakodate and when it melts in the broth, takes on a fluffy, spongy texture.

Ramen with Egg, Extra Gagome Kelp and Menma

The topping you definitely want to add (an extra ¥150) is the “Gagome kelp”. It looks like a green haystack at first. But when it’s in the broth, it transforms into a slimy algae. This is a unique texture for ramen. The +¥100 egg topping is also nice (and creamy).

The green haystack

Goryokaku trumpets the healthy aspects of its shio ramen. This ranges from high mineral and protein content in the fu to positive benefits the Kogame kelp can have on skin. This is indeed a clean tasting bowl – I could eat this all day and not feel heavy in any way.

Goryokaku - Outside

In summary, Goryokaku serves a healthy, high-quality bowl of shio ramen. This is the best Hakodate shio ramen in Tokyo you’ll get without having to visit Hakodate.


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