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Hanamichi - Quality Miso Ramen in Nogata

Hanamichi (味噌麺処 花道) is highly praised for its miso ramen. In fact, they're one of the highest ranked miso ramen shops in Tokyo. They're even open for breakfast.

Hanamichi Miso Ramen - Inside

Hanamichi - Unforgettable Miso Ramen

Hanamichi is responsible for pioneering a thicker, richer miso ramen. Tokyoites love it. Besides being thick and rich, the soup's also on the saltier side.

Hanamichi Miso Ramen - Ramen
Miso Ramen

t's made up of pork trotters, chicken bones, chicken skin, feet, torso and back. They also use veggies like onions and potatoes. Everything is boiled together for over 7 hours. ⁠

After Additional Bean Sprouts

It's most certainly a filling bowl. At lunch extra bean sprouts are free, coming on a separate plate.

There's no doubt about the quality of Hanamichi's miso ramen. But with the soup being quite salty, I prefer the ramen below.

Supercharged - Spicy Miso Ramen

⁠The saltiness and richness isn't as front and center in their spicy miso ramen. The overall spiciness takes attention away from those two. ⁠

Hanamichi Miso Ramen - Spicy Miso
Miso Ramen with Egg

The soup is spicier but everything else remains the same. There's a big pile of crunchy, stir-fried bean sprouts, chopped garlic, bamboo shoots, and a nice slab of chashu pork. ⁠

Hanamichi Miso Ramen - Noodles

The thick and straight noodles are are made by famous noodle maker Mikawaya Seimen. Note: ⁠Hanamichi’s owner used to work at famous spicy ramen chain Nakamoto.


Whether regular or spicy miso ramen, Hanamichi has you covered. The closest station is Nogata (Seibu Shinjuku Line) Enjoy the cute residential neighborhood (Nakano City).

Ramen in Nogata - Outside


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