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Hechikan - Niboshi Ramen Greatness

Down in Yokohama you'll find Hechikan (丿貫), one of Japan's top niboshi (fish) ramen shops. I absolutely love this spot.

Hechikan - King of Kannai

Hechikan is closest to Kannai station in Yokohama, Japan's second largest city after Tokyo. Yokohama is teeming with delicious ramen.

Hechikan Ramen Yokohama - Outside
Hechikan Kannai Entrance

It's only a train ride away from Tokyo too. Besides Kannai, they have 2 other Yokohama locations, including one directly across from Yokohama station.

Niboshi Ramen Greatness

Their ramen centerpiece is a "Niboshi Soba Classic". "Niboshi" is dried fish, often sardines. But Hechikan regularly changes the fish they use for the soup. On the day I visited, it was aji (horse mackerel) from Sakaiminato and seguro from Hiroshima.

Hechikan Ramen Yokohama - Closeup of Bowl

Astounding. This is as good as niboshi ramen gets. They even use a niboshi oil to drive it all home. The soup being fish-forward is therefore no surprise.

But it's carefully executed, to the point where the flavors are so gentle that you might forget you're eating fish for a moment.

There's a pleasant smokiness too. However, it doesn't have the same bitterness that other niboshi bowls have. In terms of toppings, the raw white onions permit a break from the soup. The slow-cooked slices of pork are pillow-like in texture.

Hechikan Ramen Yokohama - Noodles

I recommended adding quail eggs. It's just ¥100 for three of them (when writing this). Lastly, the wire thin noodles made by Tokyo Seimen are as firm as can be.

Closing Comments

As you've probably gathered, I'm a big fan of Hechikan. Do note again that they regularly change the ramen menu. Even the "Niboshi Soba Classic" will feature different fish at different times.

Similarly, seasonal ramen choices could be anything from cold Oyster Ramen to a Butter Saute Ramen with Awabi (Albalone). Whatever you order, expect it to be great.

Hechikan Ramen Yokohama - Outside Line
You'll know you've arrived

Hechikan is featured on Tabelog's Top 100 Ramen Shop list for East Japan. They're one of the best for ramen in not only Yokohama, but all of Japan.


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