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Where to Eat Hiroshima Ramen: 3 Famous Shops

Hiroshima Ramen is not as well-known as its Eastern cousin, Onomichi Ramen. But Hiroshima ramen is incredible and deserves recognition.

Hiroshima Ramen, Noodle Pullup

In Hiroshima, ramen is still fondly referred to as “Chukasoba”, or Chinese noodles. It’s a cross between tonkotsu (pork bone) and shoyu (soy sauce) but is distinctively assari (light).

Here are 3 famous ramen shops in Hiroshima City that serve authentic and delicious Hiroshima style ramen!

Shop #1: Kiyochan

Kiyochan goes back several generations and it’s one of the coziest ramen shops I’ve ever been to.

Inside the shop at Kiyochan

You’ll feel right at home

Ramen starts at a reasonable ¥650. If you want all the toppings (egg, dumplings, extra chashu and negi), it’s ¥1,080.

Kiyochan's beautiful ramen

Ramen with all toppings: ¥1,080

Their broth is a delight. It’s a little rich but the heavy use of vegetables gives it a sweeter, bright taste.

Shop Exterior, Kiyochan

Kiyochan is an overall wonderful ramen experience.

Shop #2: Tsubame

Besides the ramen, the great appeal of Tsubame is the rustic, Showa-era interior. This is the real Hiroshima – as it was years and years ago.

Tsubame's rustic interior

Tsubame also pays homage to the city’s baseball team, the Carp. There’s splashes of the team’s red color in the decor and even uniform numbers on the walls. You can bet that when there’s a baseball game on, their old-school, mounted TV will be playing it.

Tsubame's Ramen

Ramen: ¥650

Matching the shop’s interior, Tsubame’s ramen is closer to a classic shoyu. There’s less fat in the broth and it has a more watery consistency. It’s a tasty, quality bowl and is priced at ¥650. That’s the only ramen choice on the menu. But it’s all you really need!

Tsubame's Ramen Master

Friendly and fun

Unless you want to order oden too. Ordering oden alongside ramen was quite common back in the day. At Tsubame, you’re really stepping back in time.

Hiroshima offers a lot of regional classics like Okonomiyaki as well. If you're interested in other Japanese food, check out this website:

Shop #3: Youki

Youki is another immensely popular shop for Hiroshima style ramen. They’ve got 2 branches – Eba station (flagship) and Otemachi (pictured).

Youki Shop Exterior

Youki’s flavorful broth is in between Kiyochan’s and Tsubame’s in terms of consistency. It’s not too rich, nor too light. The merging of tonkotsu and shoyu is almost melodic.

Youki's Ramen

Ramen: ¥600

Mini bean sprouts are common toppings in Hiroshima ramen. At Youki, there’s more of them. It’s also common to have a more classic, simpler style chashu pork. This is certainly the case at Youki.

Youki Shop Interior

You’ll absolutely love Youki’s ramen and its old-school vibe.

BONUS Shop: Rairaitei

Rairaitei is a bit out of the way. But that’s maybe part of the appeal. It’s not unwelcoming or anything like that, but it is a super local shop.

Interior of Rairaitei

Their ramen with chashu is not the prettiest. But meat lovers will be happy – it’s a steal at only ¥680! Their broth is not quite like gravy. But of all the ramen broth on this list, it’s the thickest and heaviest.

Rairaitei's Meat Lover Ramen

Ramen with Chashu: ¥680

But like all Hiroshima style ramen, it still doesn’t weigh you down. If you want a prettier photo at Rairaitei, order the regular ramen. It’s only ¥580!

To conclude, Hiroshima ramen is an unsung hero of the ramen world. Its unique broth is a beautiful balance of richness and a lighter taste. If you’re in Hiroshima, make sure check to out these shops!

Click here for some Hiroshima Ramen shops open super late!


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