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Hoshijirushi - Top Yokohama Ramen

Hoshijirushi (ラーメン星印) is one of Yokohama's top ranked ramen shops. Spot the star outside and you're at the right place.

Hoshijirushi - Follow the Star

⁠The owner at Hoshijurishi previously trained at Yokohama ramen shop Shina Sobaya. This is also the case for Tokyo ramen shop Shima. Shina Sobaya is one of Japan's most celebrated ramen shops - ramen royalty.

Hoshijirushi - Outside

Excellent Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu (soy sauce) ramen is their biggest hit. In it, the broth has a particular meatiness. But it's otherwise quite gentle, with chicken notes showing up the most. These same qualities are present in the shoyu ramen at Shina Sobaya and Shima.

Hoshijirushi - Shoyu Ramen

As a whole, the broth is a cauldron of pork bones, Sansui chickens, Nagoya cochin chickens, and fish. Furthermore, there's a thick layer of chiyu (chicken oil). It makes sure that the broth stays piping hot. Do be careful with that first sip of soup.

The toppings are also exceptional. Menma (bamboo shoots) and green negi (spring onions) add crunch and contrast. The rich egg comes from Nagoya cochin chickens. Besides pork dumplings, there's are slices of smoky pork rib and pork shoulder.

The thin yet hefty whole wheat noodles are the same used at Shina Sobaya.

Limited Time Miso Ramen

Keep an eye out for their gentei ramen, i.e. limited time ramen. Pictured is the "Gattsuri Miso Ramen" with Ginger. "Gattsuri" loosely translates to "plentiful". What's plentiful is the amount of lard in the broth, giving it a heavier, messier flavor. ⁠

Hoshijirushi - Gattsuri Miso Ramen

This is where the ginger in the broth comes in, offsetting some of that heaviness. The thinly cut shards of bright yellow ginger similarly pierce through. They blend 4 types of miso and besides the lard, the soup is pork and chicken bones. ⁠

⁠Rounding out the toppings are garlic-infused minced pork and the same slice of pork loin. The noodles in this bowl are thicker and flatter - no. 14 takasui (high hydration) noodles.

Yokohama Ramen Extraordinare

To sum up, Hoshijirushi is one of Yokohama's top ramen shops for a reason. Their lofty ramen lineage and careful ramen preparation and presentation ensures this.

Hoshijirushi - Star Status


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