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Local Yokohama Ramen: Ryumai

THE spot for tasty local Yokohama Ramen is Ryumai (龍味). Right across from Yokohama station, it's a charming hole in the wall.

Yokohama Ramen Ryumai - Tantan Closeup

Ryumai - A Local Favorite

Sanma-men (ramen) is a style of ramen that comes from Kanagawa prefecture. Since Yokohama is Kanagawa’s capital, it would make sense that Ryumai serves one of the best versions of it.

Yokohama Ramen Ryumai - Sanma-men Closeup

It has a soy sauce flavored broth but what makes this style most unique is a sticky, thick layer of starch that hovers at the top. This sweet tasting layer is similar to Japanese “ankake”. Swimming around in it is bean sprouts, wood ear mushroom, carrots, and other stir-fried veggies.

Yokohama Ramen Ryumai - Noodles

The noodles are usually fairly thin and soft.

Classic Tantanmen, Gyoza

At Ryumai, they make tantanmen just like it was when first introduced by Chinese immigrants. It’s a little spicy but sesame is the centerpiece. It’s stronger tasting than the sanma-men, if you’re looking for a ramen with more punch.

What old-school ramen shop would be complete without gyoza? Ryumai’s gyoza are crispy and the wraps are properly thick. Awesome gyoza.

Yokohama Ramen Ryumai - Gyoza

Fun Interior

If you’re sitting at the counter at Ryumai, you’ve got the best seat in the house. These chefs don’t mess around.

There’s always a line at Ryumai, so visit at an odd hour! They’re open from 10:30 am, so you can enjoy some breakfast ramen.


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