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Unboxing Instant Ramen Pack – Courtesy of Zenpop

I recently unboxed ZenPop’s Northern Japan instant ramen pack, which had a focus on richer and creamier flavors. From soupless yakisoba with mayo to buttery shio ramen, I had a delicious blast!

ZenPop ships their fun ramen packs all over the world. Also, they also always include an info sheet so you know what you’re eating.

To order from ZenPop, CLICK HERE. Use coupon code 5AMRAMEN at the checkout and you’ll get $4 USD off the first ZenPop Ramen Pack. This is valid until the end of the year, and there’s free shipping to 94 countries!

Here are the tasty options I enjoyed in the Northern Japan pack.

Potato Butter Shio Ramen

Like its name, butter is the centerpiece…literally. When you pour in the hot water, a generous block of butter is front and center.

When it comes to the flavors, the butter is most immediate, followed by the salty shio seasoning. The chunks of potato add nice texture and a starchiness to the broth.

Soymilk Sesame Miso Ramen

In this unique instant ramen, soy milk adds a clean creaminess. The miso and sesame are present but they take more of a backseat.

All three go well together and create a relatively mild but flavorful broth. Firm, wavy noodles politely remind that this is still miso ramen!

Vegetable Paitan Tanmen

This is exactly as it should be. There’s a strong shio base (tanmen) with just enough richness to thicken the broth (paitan). Like traditional tanmen, this instant ramen also features a good amount of carrots, cabbage and corn.

Furthermore, it boasts a 25% salt reduction. But you wouldn’t guess this from the strong flavors.

Potato Mayo Yakisoba

I’m personally a huge fan of Ippei-chan’s instant yakisoba. This particular yakisoba from them is special. Keeping with the Northern Japan theme, it features bits of potatoes all the way from Hokkaido!

Instead of yakisoba sauce there’s a salt seasoning, along with black pepper and a non-spicy mayo to to sprinkle on top.

Chikara Mochi Udon

A lighter, soy sauce-based udon is perhaps a welcome break from some of the creamier ramen in the pack. This udon has the thickest noodles in the whole pack.

But the spotlight might shine brightest on the chewy mochi topping.

Koku Shio Butter Ramen

Unlike the previous buttery entry, this one comes with butter oil. It reminds of movie theater popcorn, with the same wonderful smell.

The shio seasoning braces the broth and little bits of potato are a nice touch.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Northern Japan ramen pack from ZenPop. ZenPop is now selling a ‘Winter Warmers’ pack, which features spicy and similarly richer ramen that’ll come in handy during the upcoming colder months! For more info, CLICK HERE and use the coupon code 5AMRAMEN for the special discount.


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