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Intense Niboshi Ramen at Nishikawa

Chukasoba Nishikawa (中華そば 西川) has devised the most intensely flavored niboshi ramen I’ve ever had. This is pure niboshi, only for hardcore niboshi fans.

Nishikawa – Niboshi or Nothing

Their “chukasoba” seasoning is chemical-free. It’s shoyu from Shodoshima, white shoyu from Ibaraki, and sea salt. But all this seasoning gets lost in a sea of niboshi.

Nishikawa - Chukasoba


But this is intentional. The niboshi fish flavors take over the bowl and your taste buds. The niboshi are urume, ma, and katakuchi iwashi types. In the soup there’s also kelp, pork genkotsu, and chicken momiji.

But again, niboshi is king in the soup. In ramen I prefer the seasoning and other elements to come out more. But I can appreciate what they’re trying to achieve here at Nishikawa. This is one unique bowl.

Niboshi Tsukesoba

They also serve tsukemen, with the soup a bit more concentrated. The noodles are different from the chukasoba, made with Iwate wheat.

Nishikawa - Tsukesoba


Furthermore, the noodles are thicker. Otherwise, this dish is not too different from the chukasoba / ramen.

Their Story

Chukasoba Nishikawa has only been around since 2017…but they’ve built up a cult niboshi following.

Nishikawa - Inside

Nishikawa himself previously worked at famous ramen shops Takechan and Eifuku Taishoken. But neither of these emphasize niboshi as much as he does.

For niboshi fans, this is a must visit.

If you’re already in Chitose Funabashi, check out tsukemen specialty shop Seitoku. More meat, less niboshi!


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