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Italian Ramen with Gorgonzola Cheese at Due Italian

If Italian ramen exists, it must look like this. Due Italian serves an elegant ramen that uniquely features prosciutto ham and gorgonzola cheese.

Italian Ramen, Really?

The ramen in question has an orthodox broth. It’s chicken and fish based and employs a light shio (salt) seasoning. Of course the unorthodox elements are Italian cuisine inspired!

Italian Ramen at Due Italian

In the middle of the shio broth is a dollop of glistening cheese. It’s part gorgonzola, part cream cheese. This rich and sharp flavored cheese beautifully clings to the in-house made noodles.

There’s More – Dry, Cured Ham

Prosciutto ham slices are even placed on the edges of the bowl. This ham dramatically wraps up the Italian elements. Besides the broth, green scallions are perhaps a friendly reminder that this is still ramen.

When you finish your noodles, the staff will bring out a bowl of mixed grain rice. You can mop up the remainder of the broth with this.

Owner Ishizuka-san worked as an Italian chef for many, many years. It would make sense that his ramen shop would showcase Italian ramen.

In this regard, bringing two cuisines together isn’t easy. But Due Italian has done this well. This is why Due Italian has received consistent nods in the Michelin Guide.


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