​Jimbocho Ramen Shop Kai: Hip Hop and Niboshi

​Among Jimbocho ramen shops, Kai is an attention grabber. Snoop Dogg played alongside fatty Niigata style niboshi ramen. Why not?

Fatty Niboshi Ramen

Unlike their sister shop Watanabe, Kai loves hip hop and more recently, a Niigata style (Sanjo) fatty niboshi ramen. This means a generous layer of seabura (pork back fat) amicably floating on top. The broth is a pork bone party – primarily using genkotsu, ashi, and momiji.

The seabura and crunchy onions play a role in sweetening the broth and taking away some of that niboshi fish flavor. Thick, flat takasui noodles. Overall, a beastly bowl.

Seabura Closeup

Ginger Shoyu Ramen

At the moment, Kai is has a limited time ginger shoyu ramen (Nagaoka style ramen, also from Niigata). At first glance, it looks a lot like an old-school chukasoba bowl. It tastes like it too, with a mild shoyu seasoning and a tiny fish aftertaste.

But the ginger is there and adds a sharpness and sour-like flavor. The noodles are softer and go well with the temperate broth.

For fatty chashu pork fans, Kai also has you covered. On a separate note, I’m told the tsukemen is awesome as well – have yet to try it.

But Kai’s ramen definitely doesn’t disappoint. Quality shop for Jimbocho ramen!

Shop Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00 (Every day)

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