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Kamuro: Modern Chicken Ramen in Ebisu

Ramen Kamuro (らぁめん冠尾) is a perfect example of chicken ramen done well. Just 5 minutes from Ebisu station, they’re open until 4 am. Their ramen is also additive-free.

Kamuro Ebisu Ramen - Inside

Kamuro - Heavier Chicken Ramen

Kamuro's “white” ramen (tori paitan) is just chicken and water. Pure bliss. Yuzu kosho (citrusy chili paste) and crunchy onion bits satisfyingly help balance the creamier broth.

Kamuro Ebisu Ramen - White Chicken Ramen

They use round and medium-thick noodles. This energetic bowl will undoubtedly hit the spot after a night out.

Lighter Chicken Ramen

Their clear ramen employs straight, thin noodles. The lighter broth won’t weight you down as much but it’s still full of wonderful chicken flavor.

Kamuro Ebisu Ramen - Light Chicken Ramen

Broiled Chicken Goodness

Chicken toppings double whammy! 1. Broiled chicken with just enough fat and skin adds a wonderful smoky aroma. 2. Soft, steamed chicken slices nicely soak up the broth.

Mini tomatoes and mushrooms and a long lima bean are uniquely added as toppings too.

Kamuro Ebisu Ramen - Outside

In conclusion, bump up Kamuro on your chicken ramen list.


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