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Delicious Ramen-Udon Hybrid [Chukasoba Kitsune]

Near Roka-koen station (Tokyo), Chukasoba Kitsune (中華蕎麦 きつね) serves a ramen that’s deliciously unique. Complete with giant fried tofu, picture a ramen-udon hybrid.

Chukasoba Kitsune - Ramen
Chukasoba with Egg

Kitsune - Udon-Ramen Hybrid?

What exactly is a udon-ramen hybrid? Just like in “kitsune udon”, the ramen here strikingly features a big piece of fluffy, sweetly flavored fried tofu. It’s called “oage” in Japanese. ⁠ ⁠

Wafu (Japanese) presentation

Soup-wise, think of it as a punchier udon. Beyond your traditional dashi (soup stock often used in udon), there are genkotsu pork bones and chicken bones. These provide more richness to the soup overall.

Chukasoba Kitsune - Noodles

But you still get mild notes of the katsuobushi (bonito fish flakes), thanks to a delicate a white shoyu (soy sauce) seasoning. They’re using ramen noodles here (not udon noodles)!

Bonus – Charcoal Black Sushi?

They also serve a richer ramen, which makes use of pork spine in the soup. It naturally hits heavier. Besides the fried tofu, in both ramen you have naturo (fish cake), chashu, and komatsuna green toppings.

Chukasoba Kitsune - Rich Ramen
Noukou (Rich) Chukasoba with Egg

They also sell inari zushi (sushi) on the side. You might recognize them if they weren’t jet black. Charcoal gives them this color. But the fried tofu skin surrounding the rice is just as sweet as they usually are. ⁠ ⁠

Chukasoba Kitsune - Inari Zushi
Jet Black Inari Zushi

Top Roka-Koen Ramen

Chukasoba Kitsune is just a short walk from Roka-koen station. It’s on the Keio Line in Setagaya City. The finest Roka-koen ramen.

Open since January 2020, Chukasoba Kitsune is family run. It’s relaxed and has both counter and table seating.


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