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Kushiro Ramen - Four Shops To Visit

Kushiro Ramen is simple but delicious. Here are four places in Kushiro, Hokkaido to enjoy lip-smacking, local ramen!

Kushiro Ramen - Ginsui

Kushiro - Port City Ramen

With over 160,000 inhabitants, Kushiro is Eastern Hokkaido's largest city. It's an important port, being mostly ice free compared to other ports in Hokkaido.

Kushiro is a port city

In Kushiro, the ramen of choice is fairly light. But it's full of flavor! From Michelin recommended ramen to juicy dumpling ramen, check out our four Kushiro picks below.

Maruhira - Ramen Atop A Hill

Sitting atop a scenic hill overlooking Kushiro, Maruhira (ラーメン まるひら) has been around since 1959. They're even open for breakfast!

The ramen of choice at Maruhira is shoyu (soy sauce) seasoned. ⁠

Shoyu Ramen at Maruhira

The soup is is chiefly pork bones and katsuobushi (bonito fish flakes). It's almost like soba in how light and refreshing it is. The noodles are thin and wavy. Chashu pork slices, seaweed, and negi (spring onions) make up the toppings. ⁠

Outside Maruhira

Maruhira is family run and is one of the coziest ramen shops I've ever visited.

Kawamura - Centrally Located

Kawamura (釧路ラーメン 河むら 釧路本店) is in the middle of downtown Kushiro. It's no surprise that their signature ramen is also shoyu based. But their version is a little different. The soup is chicken, fish, onions, pork lard, and other ingredients.

Kawamura's Signature Bowl

Furthermore, they don't use any chemical seasoning. Compared to Maruhira, the soup's flavor is more chicken and fish forward.

Personally, I love their noodles. They're frizzy and bouncy like Yonezawa ramen noodles. But they're thinner.

Exterior of Kawamura

Kawamura has been serving customers since 1989.

Ginsui - Dumpling Ramen

Next in line is ramen shop Ginsui (ラーメン専門店 銀水). They're the oldest one on this list, impressively being around since 1935! Bear in mind that most Kushiro ramen shops also offer shio (salt seasoned) ramen. But we're sticking with shoyu ramen today!

Ginsui's Dumpling Ramen

In Ginsui's shoyu ramen, the soup is primarily chicken bones. Like Kawamura's, the soup is silky and delicate. I would recommend ordering the shoyu ramen with dumplings (wantans). The dumplings don't overly rely on any seasoning - it's all about juicy pork!

Outside of Ginsui

In addition, you'll love the retro interior at Ginsui.

Uocchi - Michelin Recommended

Our final Kushiro ramen shop is Uocchi (魚一 らーめん工房). Being in the middle of the city's biggest fish market. the menu is heavy with seafood dishes. The ramen to order is the "Gyoshou Ramen". It's based around fish sauce and Pacific saury.

Ramen shop Uocchi comes Michelin recommended

It's actually doesn't taste as fishy as it sounds. But the clam toppings do drive home the seafood theme. Choose thin or thick noodles (thin are what locals get).

Michelin made it out to Uocchi at one point and put them in their Bib Gourmand Guide.

Uocchi is inside a fish market

With the fish market surroundings, Uocchi provides a truly unique experience.

In summary, Kushiro ramen punches above its weight. While there isn't a whole lot of ramen variety in the city, local ramen shops are sure to satisfy!

Kushiro City Sign


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