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Hokkaido Style Ramen in Ginza - Funamizaka

Ramen eatery Funamizaka (船見坂) makes great ramen in Ginza – ramen that will make you feel like you’re in Hokkaido. The bowls are massive and start at just ¥700!

Sapporo Miso Ramen

More specifically, Funamizaka makes terrific Sapporo style miso ramen. Just like in Sapporo, they serve it piping hot! This is to help one combat the harsh temperatures in Sapporo during Winter.

Funamizaka Ramen Ginza - Miso Ramen
Miso Ramen with Butter and Corn: ¥950

The miso commands the overall taste of the bowl but I like that it overall isn’t too sweet. Even if you order the mountain of corn, the broth doesn’t get too sweet. It’s fairly rich but not as thick or nutty as some other miso ramen bowls.

Funamizaka Ramen Ginza - Noodles

Just like in wintry Sapporo, thick and (somewhat) wavy noodles match up well with the broth.

Hakodate Shio Ramen

But Funamizaka is actually best known for Hakodate style shio (salt seasoned) ramen. Since the city of Hakodate has milder winters than Sapporo, Hakodate shio ramen is lighter. It has a sea-salt base often mixed with a lot of vegetables, seaweed, and a greater amount of chicken.

Funamizaka Ramen Ginza - Shio Ramen
Shio Ramen: ¥700

I love Funamizaka’s shio ramen. It’ll still warm you up in the winter but without the heavy intensity you’ll get from the miso ramen. It’s light, bouncy and has a clean aftertaste.

They use thin noodles, which is often the case with shio ramen.

Grew Views

Funamizaka is great for its affordable, amazing ramen in Ginza. Ginza is a fancy district but you won’t feel that way at Funamizaka. You’ll feel just like you’re eating ramen in Hokkaido.

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