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Kamitoku: Legendary Beef Ramen in Ginza

Kamitoku (香味徳) is renowned for its distinct and delightful beef ramen. This Ginza ramen shop has roots in Tottori prefecture and masterfully uses beef bones, a rarity in the ramen world.

Kamitoku Beef Ramen in Ginza - Outside

Kamitoku's Peppery Beef Ramen

Their trademark bowl reminds of pho but retains a stronger beef bone flavor. Despite the beef bone’s prominence, it’s very much a light and delicate broth.

Kamitoku Beef Ramen in Ginza - Ramen Uptop
Kamitoku Beef Ramen

The usukuchi shoyu (soy sauce) seasoning is complemented by sprinklings of black pepper. Pepper for your ramen steak.

There's plenty of crunch coming from the green and white toppings - mizuna, negi (spring onions), and bean sprouts. In addition there is seaweed, bamboo shoots, and a slab of pork chashu.

Kamitoku Beef Ramen in Ginza - Noodles

Other Beefy Options

Kamitoku has a diverse menu. But all bowls include the famous beef bone stock.

If you want spicy, get the Beef Bone Tantanmen. It’s got a ball of flavorful minced pork that contributes to a thin broth that’s more about spiciness than creaminess. The beef bone flavor still playfully shines through.

Kamitoku Beef Ramen in Ginza - Tantanmen
Beef Bone Tantanmen

The “Kamitoku White” ramen is also a solid spicy option. It has a richer, milk-like broth that’s topped off with zesty chili oil.

Kamitoku White Ramen

But whatever ramen you order, Kamitoku hits a beefy home run! Visit Kamitoku outside of the lunchtime peak (noon – 1 pm) to avoid the Ginza salaryman crowd.

In addition, Kamitoku has a food truck in Honolulu. I’ve had the ramen there too and it’s fantastic!

Lastly, Kamitoku has an official "Gold" instant ramen. It's one of the best instant ramen on the market and one of my personal favorites.

If still on the hunt for more ramen in Ginza, check out this shop that’s been around since 1964.


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