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Top London Ramen: Creamy Tonkotsu at Kanada-ya

Among London ramen shops, Kanada-ya stands tall. Coming straight from Fukuoka, Japan, their creamy tonkotsu ramen is a big hit with Londoners.

Punchy Tonkotsu Ramen

Kanada-ya’s flagship shop is smack in the middle of tonkotsu country – Fukuoka, Japan. So you know they’re not messing around in London.

Their thick, rich broth calls to mind Kurume style tonkotsu. But it doesn’t have that pork pungency. The broth is well-balanced and velvety in taste.

The chashu pork toppings are a bit sweeter than what I personally like. But they certainly get the job done.

Garlic Powered Abura Soba

The abura soba (soupless ramen) has a salty sesame and shoyu base. It’s also powered by plenty of garlic. Much like in Japan, you’ve a chili oil condiment too.

The crunchy negi, seaweed strips and benishouga ginger contrast with the gooey (onsen) egg and slices of seared pork.

Kanadaya London Ramen - Abura Soba

Thicker and softer noodles

Kanada-ya has 3 locations: Covent Garden, Piccadilly and Angel areas. At Covent Garden, the interior is warmly minimalist but also a bit chic.

It’s a great time to jump in right before lunch ends.

In summary, visit Kanada-ya for top London ramen. Their authentic and creamy tonkotsu ramen is the real deal.

Kanadaya London Ramen - St Giles

St Giles Location

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