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Top London Ramen: Creamy Tonkotsu at Kanada-ya

Among London ramen shops, Kanada-Ya stands tall. Coming straight from Fukuoka, Japan, their creamy tonkotsu ramen is a big hit with Londoners.

Best London Ramen at Kanada-Ya?

Kanada-Ya’s flagship shop is smack in the middle of tonkotsu country – Fukuoka, Japan. So you know they’re not messing around in London. The ramen costs just slightly (cough) more in London.

Extra Pork Ramen
Ramen with Extra Pork Chashu

Their thick broth is rich but it doesn't have that pork pungency that can come with tonkotsu ramen. In short, the broth is well-balanced and velvety in taste.

Truffle Ramen
Ramen with Truffles

The chashu pork toppings are a bit sweeter than what I personally like. But they get the job done.

Razor Thin Noodles

The razor thin noodles are close to what you get in Fukuoka at Kanada-Ya.

Garlic Powered Abura Soba

The abura soba (soupless ramen) has a salty sesame and shoyu (soy sauce) base. It’s also powered by plenty of garlic. There's even a chili oil condiment on the side.

Abura Soba

The crunchy negi (spring onions), seaweed strips, and benishouga ginger contrast with the gooey (onsen) egg and slices of seared pork. Thicker noodles for this one.

Thick Ramen Noodles

Kanada-Ya has several locations, including in Covent Garden, Piccadilly and the Angel areas. At Covent Garden, the interior is warmly minimalist but also a bit chic.

Outside Kanada-Ya

In summary, at least from what I've seen, Kanada-Ya is one of the best options for ramen in London. While not as good as what you get in Japan, their creamy tonkotsu ramen will leave you satisfied.

Map Link - Piccadilly


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