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Luxurious Ginza Tsukemen: Hakuei

For Ginza tsukemen (dipping ramen), it doesn’t get fancier than Ginza Hakuei (銀座 魄瑛 本店). Wagyu beef, mousse, truffles – their tsukemen screams luxury!

Ginza Tsukemen – a VIP Experience

This luxurious approach is understandable. They’re simply matching the glitzy surroundings of where they are – Ginza. Ginza is one of Tokyo’s most upscale districts. As such, they decided to create a VIP ramen experience.

This starts as soon as you’re seated. You’re served a special bottle of water and dashi (soup stock). You’ll feel like royalty even at the end of the meal. The elevator that whisks you back to the surface has a sense of exclusivity.

They’re below ground

Now let’s get to the actual food! While priced slightly higher than average, everything is still a steal. Ginza Hakuei has both ramen and tsukemen (dipping ramen) on their menu. But their tsukemen is the crème de la crème.

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Clam Mousse? Truffles?

In their tsukemen, the golden colored soup (left) is whole chickens from Aomori and Edomae shijimi clams. These two chief ingredients agreeably form a full-bodied, delicious soup.

Tsukemen in Ginza

The thick and fragrant dipping noodles (right) are made from Shinshu (Nagano region) wheat. They’re topped with a bit of truffles. But that’s not all – there’s a generous dollop of milky white clam mousse.

Ginza Tsukemen - Noodles

This mousse enriches and thickens the brightly flavored soup. For toppings, they make sure to maintain the grandeur. There are three types of meat – wagyu beef, duck, and chicken. They’re all prepared a little differently too.


All in all, this is as luxurious as ramen (tsukemen) can get. For Ginza tsukemen, Hakuei should be at the top of your list!

I have yet to try the (non dipping) ramen. But I’m sure it’s equally awesome.


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