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Maze Soba Mitubosi - Creative Ramen in Ebisu

From Thai Tantanmen to pizza dumplings, Maze Soba Mitubosi (まぜそば 三ッ星) in Ebisu has it all. They serve unbelievable dumplings and creative maze soba (soupless ramen).

Maze Soba Mitubosi - Dumplings First

Order their Tantan boiled dumplings. These soft and succulent dumplings are served in raiyu (spicy Chinese chili oil) and a whole lot of coriander.

Maze Soba Mitubosi in Ebisu - Dumplings

Or for something different, order the Pizza Gyoza. These are dumplings are fried – with melted cheese, tomato and a spicy jolt from jalapeño peppers.

Maze Soba Mitubosi in Ebisu - Pizza Dumplings

Maze Soba

Maze Soba is an oil-based, soupless ramen. The ingredients are almost separate at first. You therefore have to mix everything together.

Maze Soba Mitubosi in Ebisu - Wagyu Soupless Ramen
Maze Soba with Wagyu

After mixing, Mitubosi's signature maze soba is creamy and sweet. It’s pork-based and infused with miso. Choose your main ingredients from 7 – including wagyu beef, pork, and duck. Pictured is with the wagyu beef.

Maze Soba Mitubosi in Ebisu - Thick Noodles

Their Coriander Ankake Maze Soba (below) also swims in coriander. It’s sweet, savory and with a nice crunch from spring onions. The soft minced meat embraces the sticky ankake (a chow mein like sauce).

Maze Soba Mitubosi in Ebisu - Coriander Forest

Thai Tantanmen

When they’re not making maze soba, Mitubosi is dishing out tantanmen (a spicy Chinese leaning ramen).

Maze Soba Mitubosi in Ebisu - Tantanmen

The 55 Tantanmen is a creamy Thai hybrid, with lemon grass and a familiarly South East Asian fish oil flavor.

Cozy Interior, Condiment City

Mitubosi has an amazing selection of condiments – garlic oil, tom yam vinegar, and different hot sauces.

Maze Soba - Condiment City

Their delightful dumplings and maze soba do add up. But it’s well worth it.

Their shop is very cute, with only 7 counter seats.

Unbelievable Boiled Dumplings, Maze Soba in Ebisu 11


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