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Menya Hashimoto - Thick, Rich Ramen

At Menya Hashimoto (麺屋はし本) in Tokyo's Nakano neighborhood, the ramen is thick, rich, and has a powerful trace of fish. You might need a nap after you eat at this award-winning ramen restaurant.

Menya Hashimoto - Ramen gently smacking you in the face

Ramen restaurant Menya Hashimoto hasn’t been around too long. But since opening, they’ve been sitting atop the Nakano station ramen rankings.

Menya Hashimoto Ramen
Ramen with Egg

Their prized ramen has a thick and rich (pork and chicken bone) base, next to a strong fish flavor. It’s like a fishy tonkotsu shoyu ramen with an overall smoothness. The owner is inspired by ramen shop Hayashi in Shibuya and it shows.

He’s also inspired by the late Yamagishi-san, having worked at Higashi-Ikebukuro Taishoken (the restaurant often credited with inventing dipping ramen).

Menya Hashimoto Ramen Noodles

The Mikawaya Seimen produced noodles are thick and firm, keeping up with the thick broth. Lastly, I highly recommend using the yuzu kosho (citrus chili paste) on the table. It fiercely pierces that richness.

The Spicy Ramen at Hashimoto

In their spicy ramen, the tougarashi spice makes you forget about the broth richness for a moment. They use a Malaysian spice, cili padi (which is similar to the Philippine siling labuyo).

Menya Hashimoto Spicy Ramen
Spicy Ramen with Egg

The citrus chili paste is not required in this one. In both ramen, the toppings are your standard fare – negi (spring onions), menma (bamboo shoots), and a decent chashu pork. But the egg is great. Why not add more richness with some egg?

Top of of the Nakano Charts

Hashimoto is a tiny ramen restaurant. Go early so you can properly have enough elbow room. Heads up – the owner makes things feel a bit rushed. This can play a role in the speed at which you eat your ramen.

Menya Hashimoto Ramen Outside

That’s not a bad thing though – especially if you’re eating before the big crowds arrive!


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