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Top Naka-Meguro Miso Ramen – Yadoya

In Naka-Meguro, miso ramen shop Yadoya (八堂八) is confident for a reason. Their cauldron hot, gentle tasting miso ramen is one of the best in Tokyo.

Naka-Meguro Miso Ramen - Outside

Piping Hot Miso Ramen

Just like up in Hokkaido, Yadoya’s serves miso ramen scalding hot. Your phone’s camera lens will fog up, guaranteed. Yadoya makes their miso in-house. For this secret recipe miso, the ingredients are all sourced from Hokkaido – from the salt to the soy beans.

Miso Ramen with Egg

They stir-fry the miso in a giant wok with minced pork and veggies. It’s then added to a gently flavored soup that’s pork and chicken bones, fish, onions, garlic, yeast and more. In short, there’s a lot happening to ensure that this is a tasty Hokkaido style bowl.

In addition, the soup is fairly sweet in flavor. This sweetness is only compounded by the dollop of ginger on top of the pork. Finally, thick egg noodles match up with the soup perfectly.

Spicy Miso Ramen

In the spicy miso ramen, they crank up the spice…but not to a silly level. I might actually like this bowl best. The jolts of spice liven up what is an otherwise gentle and calm broth (I prefer my miso ramen to be heavier).

Naka-Meguro Miso Ramen - Yadoya
Spicy Miso Ramen with Egg

You’ll find the same toppings in this spicy miso ramen – white negi (spring onions), mountain wood ear mushrooms, and a fatty slice of pork.

Miso Ramen Verdict

I love spicy food. But when it comes to ramen, I prefer tasting the layers in a layered soup. In other words, I’ll choose non-spicy ramen over spicy ramen 90% of the time.

But at Yadoya, I do prefer their spicy miso ramen. I like how the spice shoves aside the smooth and gentle broth a little bit. On a completely separate note, Yadoya is two floors of fun. Their annex setup on the second floor is really neat.

In closing, Yadoya is by far the best option for miso ramen in Naka-Meguro. Some might even add it to a list of Tokyo’s best miso ramen!

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