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Nonokura - Top Ramen In Kameari

Nonokura (手打式超多加水麺 ののくら) is Michelin recommended and an essential visit for ramen in Kameari, Tokyo. Their amazingly thick, in-house made noodles and complex, soy sauce powered soup are out of this world.

Nonokura - Top Ramen In Kameari - Chuukasoba Uptop

Many ramenheads would place Nonokura at the very top of a Tokyo shoyu (soy sauce) ramen list. They're highly ranked on every website and in Michelin's Bib Gourmand Guide for Tokyo.

Near Kameari station, Nonokura is deep in Adachi-ku (North Tokyo). But it’s totally worth the trek and wait.

Nonokura - Top Shoyu Ramen in Kameari / Tokyo ?

Nonokura is pretty simple in terms of ramen choices. Their “chukasoba” is either shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt) based. The staff will ask which one you want. All top row buttons on the below ticket machine are the same chukasoba, but with differing amounts of toppings.

Nonokura - Top Ramen In Kameari - Ticket Machine

Pictured below is with all toppings (top row, second from the right). The shoyu (soy sauce) seasoning is fairly salty and sweet. It holds up a broth that’s a bit fattier and oiler than others. The master chef uses adult whole chickens.

Nonokura - Top Ramen In Kameari - Chuukasoba

The toppings are special – the meats in particular. The white chicken breast slices are peppery, and the pork shoulder slices have a contrastingly darker meat taste. Menma (bamboo shoots), negi (spring onions), seaweed, a runny egg, dumplings, and some aromatic mistuba round out the bowl.

Nonokura - Top Ramen In Kameari - Thick Noodles

The ramen noodles deserve a trophy of their own. They’re thick, springy and full of over 50% water. Furthermore, they’re made in-house every day. You’ll see the machine on the right hand side when you walk in.

Some Notes

The master chef at Nonokura got his start at famous Tokyo ramen shop Ikaruga. Nonokura is only open for lunch and there’s always a chance they’ll run out of soup before 3 pm.

Again, while Nonokura is deep in North Tokyo, it’s a destination bowl. It’s one of the finest examples of not just ramen in Kameari, but ramen in all of Tokyo.

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