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Touhichi - Pure Chicken Ramen in Kyoto

For appetizing chicken ramen in Kyoto, try Michelin recommended shop Ramen Touhichi (らぁ麺とうひち). Their ramen soup is just chickens and water.

Best Chicken Ramen in Kyoto?

Chicken Ramen in Kyoto - Has to be Touhichi

Could there be a Kyoto ramen shop more faithful to using chicken as an ingredient than Touhichi? Probably not. Touhichi is located in North Kyoto. Specifically, they're close to Ichijoji, an area brimming with top ranked ramen shops.

Outside Touhichi

Carefully Put Together Soup

Touhichi's signature ramen is the "Tori Shoyu Ramen". It boasts a whopping 7 types of shoyu (soy sauce). There's sourness, sweetness, saltiness, and a whole lot of umami coming from the 7 shoyu. This shoyu base carries a soup that's carefully sourced chicken bones.

Shoyu Ramen View from the Top

One of the breeds they use is Tamba Black chicken. It's among Kyoto's top prized chicken breeds. Deeply comforting chicken flavors in the soup are further strengthened by an abundance of chiyu (chicken oil).

Noodles and Toppings

They employ straight, medium thick noodles to pick up the soup. Furthermore, they're made with wheat flour flown in from Hokkaido (Japan's northernmost island).

Silky Noodles

For toppings, there are excellently prepared slices of chicken and pork, menma (bamboo shoots), spring onions and mitsuba (a local herb). All around, Touhichi's Tori Shoyu Ramen looks like something you'll see in Tokyo. It's a refreshing contrast in Kyoto, where most of the ramen is heavy.

Close up of Bowl

In summary, for chicken ramen in Kyoto, give Touhichi a try!

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