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Top Ogikubo Miso Ramen – Hook

For Ogikubo miso ramen, look no further than "Hook". In Tokyo’s ramen-heavy Ogikubo area, Hook serves masterfully crafted, rich bowls.

Ogikubo Miso Ramen Hook - Inside

Ogikubo Miso Ramen – The Very Best

The owner at Hook (味噌っ子ふっく) was previously the shop manager at Tokyo miso ramen stronghold Hanamichi. “Hanamichi style” of miso ramen is thick and creamy. Naturally, Hook’s miso ramen follows suit. They use a lot of momiji (chicken feet) in the soup.

Choose between Hook’s standard or spicy miso ramen. The rich soup has a gentle, refined quality to it. But the bright miso makes regular appearances, almost like mini fireworks. They use two types of miso – Shinshu (white) and Sendai (red).

Ogikubo Miso Ramen Hook - Miso Ramen
Miso Ramen

In the spicy version, there’s a river of sweet chili oil. It lights up the soup…but it won’t set your hair on fire. The spice level is manageable. The beautiful miso taste is still there; it’s the cornerstone of their ramen.

Ogikubo Miso Ramen Hook - SPicy Miso Ramen
Spicy Miso Ramen

Both standard and spicy bowls feature a hill of stir-fried bean sprouts, menma (bamboo shoots), and grilled chashu pork. The bean sprouts and pork generate smoky aromas and flavors.

Ogikubo Miso Ramen Hook - Thick Noodles

Just like at Hanamichi, the noodles are thick, straight and filling. They’re made by Mikawaya Seimen.

Arrive Early

Arrive for an early…or late lunch. The line can get long!

Ogikubo Miso Ramen Hook - Line

One can certainly understand why. They’re the best option for Ogikubo miso ramen.


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