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Pineapple Ramen at Papapapapine in Machida, Tokyo

Pineapple Ramen? What on earth? I remember the first time I visited Papapapapine (パパパパパイン). I’ll be honest – I went for the shock value. I didn’t expect it would be as tasty as it was.

Pineapple Ramen Papapapapine Outside
New Machida Location

Yes, Pineapple Ramen

Papapapapine used to be located in the Nishi-Ogikubo neighborhood of Tokyo, in a drinking area. Their setting couldn’t be more different now. They moved to a shopping mall in Machida (Western Tokyo). At least their unusual ramen lives on!

Pineapple Ramen - Papapapapine Bowl

For your ramen, choose from the following foundations:

  1. Shrimp Shio

  2. Shio (without shrimp)

  3. Shoyu

  4. Spicy

  5. Cold

Pictured is the shrimp shio (salt) ramen – their most popular. The soup is mostly a blend of seafood and kelp. A salty shrimp flavor is most prominent. Of course, the soup includes pineapple juice too. Overall, this salty and sweet mix works well. It’s like sipping a tropical ramen cocktail.

Shrimp Shio, All Toppings

Among the toppings, cut pineapples and a bright yellow egg (marinated in pineapple juice) steal the spotlight. Shredded red pepper brings some heat and spinach some bitterness. Balance, all around.

Lastly, thin and straight noodles suck in the somewhat confusing, but undeniably tasty broth. Also – all the above ramen options also come in tsukemen form (dipping ramen).

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Pineapples All The Way

At their Machida location, they have a bit more space than before. The owner fully commits to the theme – with pineapple-shaped lamps and containers, and even pineapple-patterned curtains.

During the swelteringly humid Tokyo summers, what sounds more refreshing than a bowl of pineapple ramen? While Papapapapine has consistently been on “Tokyo’s Most Bizarre Ramen” list, you might be surprised at how much you like their ramen.

Video review below!


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