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re:Dine GINZA: Premium Wagyu Ramen

re:Dine GINZA serves a luxuriously tasty and affordable wagyu ramen. The soft and succulent wagyu beef may be the star – but the entire ramen bowl is impressive!

The Broth: Full-Bodied and Delicate

The ramen broth uses a light shio seasoning alongside chicken, clams, kelp, niboshi, and duck oil. You’re also provided with a side of porcini mushroom oil. This pleasantly complements the refined, flavorful broth.

Master at work

Melt in your Mouth Toppings

But perhaps appropriate in glitzy Ginza, it’s the deluxe ramen toppings that steal the show. The star topping is the broiled wagyu beef. It melts in your mouth like a soft blanket dissolving in a river of umami.

But it’s not just the wagyu – slices of slow-cooked duck and chicken are great topping sidekicks. These 3 meats seep into the light broth and provide it with a meatier flavor towards the end.

Rounding out the toppings are fresh green negi, thicker bamboo shoots with tougarashi spice, and a flavored egg that’s delicious but not overly creamy.

World’s Richest Sesame Ice Cream for Dessert

They have an excellent white / black sesame ice cream combo for dessert. It’s even available for take out. Choose from the below options:

  1. Triple Rich Black

  2. Triple Rich White

  3. Salted Sesame

  4. Chunky Multigrain

#1 and #2 are absolutely divine! They don’t call them the “World’s Richest Sesame Ice Cream” for nothing. The black is much smoother and creamier in flavor, while the white is more chunky and nutty.

Add (more) sesame (seeds) or syrup

Sleek and Friendly Interior

re:Dine GINZA has a nice setup. It’s comfortable and chic. Beyond the luxurious wagyu ramen and rich ice cream, they’ve got an expansive menu. It includes everything from garlic toast to Basque pork pâté.

While the wagyu ramen is a must, you might find yourself staying for drinks and other food dishes.

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