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Ramen Egg Inventor - Chibakiya

The ramen egg topping is beloved around the world. It’s Tokyo ramen shop Chibakiya that we have to thank for starting the whole soft-boiled egg trend.

Ramen Egg – First Ever Soft-Boiled at Chibakiya

Chibakiya (ちばき屋) deserves a chapter in the book of ramen history. Their soft-boiled egg topping is now the global standard. Before this, it was mostly hard-boiled eggs, or even raw eggs (like in Tokushima).

Ramen Egg Inventory - Chibakiya

Chibakiya’s soft-boiled egg topping is as you’d expect – delicate and brilliantly gooey. They go easy on the seasoning.

Ramen Egg Inventory - Chibakiya Bowl Closeup
"Shina Soba Nitamago Nose"

Check out the below video recipe for the perfect soft-boiled ramen egg!

In Chibakiya’s go-to “shina soba” ramen”, the shoyu (soy sauce) broth is refreshing and light. It’s old-school Tokyo style ramen. The trimmings includes sweet floating negi bits, chewy bamboo shoots, and kaiware sprouts for a leafy vitality.

Old-School Spirit

Chibakiya retains a classic feel with its light brown, wooden interior. They're located near Kasai station in Edogawa City (East Tokyo).

Ramen Egg Inventory - Chibakiya Interior

They're frequented by everyone from construction workers to salarymen. It can get busy during lunch. If you want visit a historical ramen shop, Chibakiya should be on your list.

Ramen Egg Inventory - Chibakiya Exterior


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