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Giant Twin Egg Ramen at Yoroiya in Asakusa

Yoroiya (与ろゐ屋) in Asakusa exhibits a shoyu ramen with a giant twin egg. It looks like a dinosaur laid the egg. The ramen itself is extraordinary as well.

The Yoroiya Twins

The Iwate born egg takes up a lot of real estate in the bowl. Its “twin” double yolks are a sight to behold. Flavor-wise, the eggs are medium-boiled and are marinated in a special soy sauce.

Egg Shoyu Ramen

The ramen broth is a simple yet deeply flavored shoyu (soy sauce). It’s a blend of pork and chicken bones, kelp, and various fish flakes. The fish accent also comes from niboshi. Furthermore, a semi-powerful sweetness comes from a small pile of yuzu and itty-bitty diced negi.

Yoroiya - Shoyu Ramen Noodles

Thin and wavy noodles

Lastly, the green mitsuba is a cheerful, leafy contributor.

Shio Ramen with Ume Plum

Much like the shoyu ramen, the shio ramen feels classic but has a twist. Instead of the yuzu or twin egg, there’s a hefty ume plum in the middle.

Ume Shio Ramen

The shio is sea salt from Izu Oshima and it gets a soft wallop of sourness from the umeboshi. This is a lovely bowl in its own right. But I’m more about their shoyu ramen.

Zaru (Dipping) Ramen

Their zaru ramen, or dipping ramen is excellent too. It has a more concentrated shoyu (soy sauce) flavor. Furthermore, it’s a bit spicy, sour and has a much stronger note of katsuobushi (bonito fish flakes).

Zaru Ramen

The noodles are thicker and flatter than in the ramen and they’re blended with Nagano wheat flour. Lastly, this dish comes with shrimp-flavored arare (little crouton-like balls). You can add these to the soup to change the flavor!

They also have awesome gyoza (fried dumplings)!

The Charm of Yoroiya

Yoroiya is constructed like a ramen shop of yesteryear. There’s counter seating on the first floor, tables on the second floor.

Don’t let the “we have English menus” sign or the TripAdvisor logo outside put you off. Yoroiya doesn’t mess around and this is evident in their ramen.

They’re conveniently located right next to Sensoji Temple in the traditional-looking part of Asakusa.

Check out Yoroiya in the below video too:


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