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Best Ramen in Haneda – Sato

For ramen in Haneda, Chuukasoba Sato (中華そば さとう) is a must visit. It’s close to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and is one of the top ranked ramen restaurants in all of Tokyo!

Finest Ramen in Haneda

Since 2011, Chuukasoba Sato has been slinging delicious bowls of ramen right next to Haneda Airport. Their unassuming and old-school facade would suggest that they’ve been around longer.

Ramen in Haneda - Outside Sato

The closest station is Anamori-Inari, which is on the Keikyu Airport Line.

Ramen Choices

Sato has a simple menu – choose ramen or Japanese curry rice. Curry rice is only ¥500, whereas the ramen (aka chuukasoba) starts at only ¥650.

Haneda Ramen - Sato Menu

Pictured is the ramen with a boiled egg (¥100) and extra pork toppings (¥200). This brings the total to ¥950. Atheistically, it’s as simple as the menu.

Classic Ramen 2.0

The shop owner’s parents are from snowy Niigata Prefecture. For reference, Niigata has a number of different ramen styles. The ramen here is based off a lighter, soy sauce (shoyu) ramen from Niigata (no. 3 on this list).

The soy sauce seasoning is somewhat soft. But it still packs a salty punch. Furthermore, it’s assisted by delicious chicken oil. Below this top layer, the soup is chicken bones and dried fish – including katsuobushi (bonito flakes).

Haneda Ramen - Uptop

It all comes together harmoniously. The dried fish, particularly the sardines, provide a slightly bitter background. The chicken flavors are more front and center.

The toppings scream classic in appearance and taste. You have negi (spring onions), menma (bamboo shoots) that are on the sweeter side, egg, and chashu pork.

Lastly, noodle maker Maruyama Seimen makes their thin, wavy noodles. They have a fair amount of water in them – slurpable to the max!

While the overall theme at Sato may be “simple is best”, the owner is carefully modern in his approach. He even heats the soup for each individual order on a small stove. Again, for ramen in Haneda, this place is a must visit.


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