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Ramen Hide in Kyodo, Tokyo

Ramen Hide in Kyodo, Setagaya (Tokyo) serves silky tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen. Their calling card is bright red, spicy minced pork.

Ramen Hide - Pork Bone Ramen with a Twist

Ramen Hide (らあめん英 本店) is located in the residential area of Kyodo, in Tokyo's Setagaya City. Every ramen on the menu features a tasty pork bone soup with different toppings. But the top seller is a a pork bone ramen with a pile of spicy minced pork.

Ramen Hide's Signature Ramen

For the soup, choose from 4 levels of richness. Even at level 4, it's not as heavy as it looks. But it's still wonderfully milky in flavor. The minced pork (niku miso) pack just enough heat to balance out the milkiness.

For toppings, there's also a hard-boiled egg, grilled pork slices, green negi (spring onions), and a sheet of seaweed. The razor thin noodles are made in-house. Just like with the soup richness, you can customize noodle firmness (5 levels).

Razor Thin Noodles at Ramen Hide

The most firm level is affectionately called "wire". The nickname is appropriate.

Not just in Kyodo

⁠⁠Ramen Hide has two other branches, including one in Shibuya. I've eaten at their Shibuya branch and feel that the ramen at their Kyodo (main) branch is more refined.

Ramen Hide - Outside

Kyodo is a bit of a trek from central Tokyo. But that milky soup and spicy minced pork might make it worth the trek.


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