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Ramen House in Fukuoka run by Ex-Kick Boxer

This is an actual Ramen House! Ex-kick boxer Nakamura-san prepares milky chicken ramen in the comfort of his home in Nakagawa, just outside of Fukuoka City.

Ramen House - Inside

Ramen House – The Real Thing

People throw around the phrase “ramen house” a lot. But Nakamura-san’s Oshino Bimen Dokoro Nakamulab is exactly that – a ramen house. It’s reservation only too.


There are both tables and counter seats inside. If you’re seated at the counter, you get a great view of Nakamura-san in the kitchen working his magic.

Ramen House - Counter

Cappuccino Chicken Ramen

The house speciality is a frothy chicken ramen that’s snow white in color. The cappuccino-like layer at the top makes way for a milky chicken broth (Tori Paitan) below. There’s a sweet aftertaste from the seasoning too. ⁠

The lemon and dried tomato toppings send little acidic shockwaves through the creamy broth⁠. The low-temp cooked pork chashu slice is divine – it’s the the bright pink island poking out of the soup. ⁠

Thin noodles match up well with modernly tasty ramen (“Tori Paitan Soba”).

Nakamulab is also part of our Fukuoka Ramen Guide - along with 30+ other shops we'd recommend visiting when staying there. Feel free to check it out!

Lighter Soy Sauce Ramen

He also serves two other ramen, including a lighter “Wafu Shoyu Soba”. This bowl is also powered by a sweeter, local shoyu (soy sauce). The primarily chicken soup is sticky rich with a beautiful flavor⁠.

The toppings are different. You have komatsuna (Japanese spinach), slow-cooked pork and chicken chashu slices. The last ramen on offer is a spicier tantanmen (dan dan noodles). I have yet to try this one but I’m sure I’ll be back.⁠

Overall, this ramen house is one thoroughly enjoyable experience. It doesn’t get cozier than this!


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