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Award-Winning Ramen in Fukuoka- Hanamokoshi

For one of the most celebrated ramen shops in Fukuoka, visit Mendo Hanamokoshi (麺道はなもこし). They don't serve the local speciality (tonkotsu ramen) either!

Mendo Hanamokoshi's Signature Bowl

Top Ramen in Fukuoka - Hanamokoshi

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture is unquestionably all about tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen. Shops serving this heavier style of ramen dot the landscape. It's almost hard to come across other ramen styles in Fukuoka.

As such, ramen shop Hanamokoshi deliciously sticks out. Delicately presented and on the lighter side, their ramen is a treat.

Chuukasoba - Lighter Ramen

The house special is a Chuukasoba, a soy sauce powered ramen. The soup is whole chickens and various types of fish, including Pacific saury.

Best Shoyu Ramen in Fukuoka?

Everything comes together nicely. The soup is gentle, with snug chicken flavors in the foreground and sharper fish flavors in the background.

Ramen in Fukuoka - Noodle Pullup

They use thin noodles and they're hand pressed. For toppings, there's kikurage (wood ear mushrooms), negi (spring onions), and slices of both pork and chicken.

"American" Ramen?

Would "American" suggest something heavier? Maybe that's what Hanamokoshi was thinking when naming this ramen the "American Tori Soba".

"American Tori Soba"

The chicken forward soup is indeed heavier and thicker than the Chuukasoba. But you won't feel overwhelmed - it's smooth and ensures a softer landing. The background also has fish flavors - this time it's dried sardines and sea bream.

A Richer Chicken Ramen

You get to choose whether you want it spicy or sour. Most people order "sour" and this the middle of the bowl is adorned with pickled radish. The green mound is kelp. Like in the Chuuukasoba, chicken and fish harmoniously co-exist.

Thin Noodles

In summary, Hanamokoshi is one of the top ranked ramen shops in Fukuoka for good reason. Light or heavy ramen, they have you covered.

The Line Outside Hanamkoshi

They're popular - note that you'll likely have to wait outside. The inside is quite small too, which adds to the pile up.


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