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Legendary Ramen in West Fukuoka – Anzen Shokudo

For ramen in West Fukuoka, Anzen Shokudo (ラーメン 安全食堂) is legendary. Their storied pork bone ramen is relatively mild, but bursting with flavors.

Prime West Fukuoka Ramen

Anzen Shokudo is located in the Yokohama neighborhood of Fukuoka’s West side. The closest station is Kyūdai-Gakkentosh. It’s only 30 min. by train from central Fukuoka.

It’s an understatement to say that Anzen Shokudo is a ramen institution. There’s always a line up of locals. But the line moves fast, as they have a lot of space inside.

Anzen Shokudo has over 40 years of history. You can detect this – this history ebbs and flows through the restaurant like some mystical wind.

What their Ramen is all about

Their standard tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen is anything but standard. It’s contrastingly less heavy and messy than many Fukuoka ramen bowls. It’s far more delicate, with a clean flavor. The soup is as addictive as it looks.

Ramen in West Fukuoka - Anzen Shokudo Ramen

The noodles are so thin you almost have to squint to see them in the soup. The chashu pork slices are delicately soft and the mountain of green negi (spring onions) adds freshness.

Help yourself to a giant bucket of benishouga (pickled red ginger) on the table. They also do a mean Nagasaki champon. This noodle dish has thicker noodles.

Ramen in West Fukuoka - Anzen Shokudo Champon

It’s filled to the brim with crunchy veggies and the soup is on the creamier side. If you still have room, their chahan (fried rice) is excellent. The ramen, champon, and fried rice make up a flavorful trinity of sorts.

Ramen Wrap Up

In short, Anzen Shokudo is the crème de la crème of the West Fukuoka ramen world. You won’t regret making the trip.

On a separate note, the owner used to be a salaryman. Myself and all of Fukuoka are glad he made the switch from desk-work to ramen.


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