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Top-Tier Ramen in Hakodate - Shinano

For the finest shio ramen in Hakodate City (Hokkaido), Shinano is a convenient and tasty choice. They're right across the street from JR Hakodate station.

Shio Ramen in Hakodate - Shinano Rules

Shinano's full name is actually Hakodate Shio Ramen Shinano (はこだて塩らーめん しなの).

As the name suggests, their speciality is Hakodate style shio ramen. It's the only thing you'll need to order.

Shio Ramen

The (shio) salt seasoning is vigorous. It supports a transparent soup that's mainly pork and chicken bones. But that's not all - they sprinkle a homemade onion oil on top. This gives the soup a richer, sweeter quality.

For toppings, you have chashu pork, Japanese spinach, spring onions, bamboo shoots, a vibrantly colored fish cake, a soft-boiled egg, and fu. "Fu" is wheat gluten. This is a topping you only find in Hakodate shio ramen. It soaks up the soup like a sponge.

Shinano's noodles border between being thin and medium-thick.

Things to Note

Shinano doesn't have a big interior. But they do have three small tables beside the counter seating.

Besides shio, they have shoyu (soy sauce), miso, and spicy miso ramen. They also serve gyoza (fried dumplings). But again, the shio ramen is the one to order.

For shio ramen in Hakodate, you can't go wrong at Shinano.


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