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Ramen in Meguro: Chukasoba Takemura

Chukasoba Takemura (中華そば 竹むら) is relativly new to the highly competitive ramen in Meguro scene. They serve a high-quality chicken-based ramen and a pristine flying fish ramen.

High-Quality Chicken Ramen

In the broth, they use premium Daisan chicken and kelp that’s been boiled for 10+ hours. With the addition of a light soy sauce seasoning and pi water, the end result is a flavorful and fine-tuned chicken ramen.

Ramen in Meguro - Chukasoba

Ajitama (Egg) Chukasoba

They use classic toppings but with a modern twist. The generous slices of chashu pork are lightly seasoned and have a peppery kick. The egg looks normal but is at maximum on the richness scale. Also, they marinate the egg in the same kelp and sweet shoyu they use in the broth.

Ramen in Meguro - Chukasoba Closeup

Just to make sure they’re living up to the “chukasoba” (classic ramen) name, there’s narutomaki in the center.

Flying Fish Ramen – My Fave

In this seasonal ramen, they prepare the flying fish (ago) in the form of niboshi. This base provides a deliciously mild fish flavor alongside that already sublime chicken broth.

Ramen in Meguro - Flying Fish Ramen

Ago (Flying Fish) Niboshi Soba

This ramen is even more modern, with raw red onions and mizuna as crunchy toppings. The balled up and soft slow-cooked pork is also excellent.

Ramen in Meguro - Flying Fish Ramen Closeup

In both ramen bowls they assign thinner noodles from Kanno Seimen. The noodles are several blends of wheat and are as aromatic as they are smooth in the broth.

As a bonus, Chukasoba Takemura is conveniently open until 1:30 am (except on Sundays). Perfect late night fix for ramen in Meguro.

Lastly, they’re on hallowed ground – the former site of ramen shop Hyakushiki. Takemura is more than worthy to carry the next ramen torch.


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