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Ramen in Oji – ENYA, Earthy and Delicious

For ramen in Oji, Enya (えんや) is a dynamite choice. Their salt-based ramen is award-winning and has a beautifully EARTHY flavor.

Ramen in Oji - Outside Enya

Enya is literally seconds away from Oji station (Kita City in Tokyo). I’m not sure if this ramen shop has any connection to the singer Enya. Maybe the staff are just fans? 😅

Ramen in Oji – Top-Shelf Shio!

While the menu at Enya includes shoyu (soy sauce) ramen and tsukemen, they’re best known for their shio (salt-based) ramen.

Ramen in Oji - Enya Shio Ramen
Shio Ramen with Egg

It employs a punchy salt seasoning. The soup is mostly chicken bones and niboshi (dried sardines). Flavors of land and sea.

Ramen in Oji - Enya Shio Ramen II

This land and sea theme continues with the earthy flavor from the chewy, bright green celtuce stems (a type of lettuce). I don’t think I’ve ever seen these in ramen before.

Likewise, the large bushel of seaweed gives off a strong flavor of the sea. Thin noodles soak it all in.

Other Ramen Notes

Before moving to the Oji area, Enya was part of the well-known “Ramen Square” in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Furthermore, Enya was several years ago awarded the top prize at a “Ramen Tryouts” event. ⁠

It’s well-deserved. I really like this bowl – ramen in Oji at its best.

Video review of Enya:


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