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Ramen in Sugamo: Menya Imamura

For ramen in Sugamo, Menya Imamura (麺や いま村) makes a savory impression. Their specialty is a creamy chicken ramen blended with niboshi.

Shoyu or Shio

Simple – choose either a shoyu or shio base. The shoyu (soy sauce) provides a bolder base and shio (salt), a brighter one. They have an English menu too!

Ramen in Sugamo - Menu

The broth is great – a creamy richness from the chicken bones (tori paitan) and a bitterness from the niboshi (dried sardines). Minced white raw onions and green negi break up bitterness and tomatoes add some welcome acidity.

Ramen in Sugamo - Inside

The chicken slices are grilled on charcoal right in front of you.

Ramen in Sugamo - Shoyu

In addition, there’s a little plate of diced mushrooms and ginger to add as you like. Finally, the noodles are medium-thick and properly firm. I only wish the broth was a little thicker for the broth to cling to the noodles a bit more. But that’s minor 🙂

I talk about this ramen shop from 4:06 in the video below!

Grand Choice for Ramen in Sugamo

In summary, Menya Imamura serves grand ramen in Sugamo. On a side note, their staff are super friendly.

Ramen in Sugamo - Outside


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