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Fantastic Ramen in Tsukuba - Shichifukuken

For stellar chicken ramen and tantanmen in Tsukuba, Shichifukuken (七福軒) is the perfect ramen pit stop. Find out why below!

Ramen in Tsukuba Shichifukuken - Outside

All About Chicken

The owner at Shichifukuken worked at famous Tsukuba ramen shop Hurricane. He must be a big fan of chicken, as their ramen showcases chicken like no other.

Ramen in Tsukuba Shichifukuken - Chicken Ramen
Tori Soba

Their “tori soba” is a thick and creamy, smooth-tasting chicken ramen. Onions and negi (spring onions) work to brightly break up the powerful broth. But the most unique ornament is a bright green stick of escargot butter. This adds a whole other dimension of richness.

Best Tantanmen in Tsukuba

The same chicken creaminess is present in the tantanmen broth. But there’s more going on in the tantanmen. They add spicy raiyu chili oil and numbing pepper, which acts like zesty pop rocks.

Ramen in Tsukuba Shichifukuken - Tantanmen
Tantan Tori Soba

Branching off this, it’s quite a sweet broth. There’s also good amount of sesame seeds floating about. Minced pork replaces the sliced pork chashu we saw in the other ramen. In summary, order the tantanmen if you’re in the mood for sweetness and spice.

Ramen in Tsukuba Shichifukuken - Noodles

Shichifukuken has plenty of other ramen, including tsukemen. But if you visit, you might want to start with the 2 fabulous ramen above. Perhaps they’re the best examples of chicken ramen and tantanmen in Tsukuba!


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