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Best Ramen in Yoyogi, Chewy Noodles: Isoji

For ramen in Yoyogi, Isoji (麺恋処 いそじ) claims first place. The ramen portions are generous and feature extra chewy, homemade noodles made with tapioca flour.

What to Order

Isoji serves “Chukasoba”, Miso Ramen, Tsukemen, and Miso Tsukemen. Order the chukasoba if it’s your first time.

Top Corner (Pink Buttons): Chukasoba

Chukasoba normally refers to old-school soy sauce ramen. But the chukasoba at Isoji is an updated interpretation. On a side note, the owner got his start at Menkoi Dokoro Kiraku in Shimbashi.

The Chukasoba

The chukasoba soup is pork bones, chicken bones, and niboshi fish. The soup reminds a little bit of Ikebukuro ramen shop Uchi (now closed). But the broth isn’t nearly as thick or heavy as it was there.

Ramen in Yoyogi Isoji

Chukasoba (Toku), All Toppings

Despite being more watery, the soup at Isoji is still scrumptious. Yes, I used the word scrumptious. There’s a hint of yuzu citrus, and this helps balance out the meaty richness.

The homemade noodles are uniquely made with tapioca flour and are super chewy. The bamboo shoot toppings are also extra chewy. Isoji is generous with portions. The standard is 210 grams of noodles. Upgrading to 315 grams is free and you can also request if you want the broth less rich or the noodles firmer.

I feature Isoji in the second half of the video below!

No. 1 Ramen in Yoyogi

Yoyogi is a quaint residential neighborhood. It’s just one stop from Shinjuku, but without the crazy crowds and overall madness there. You can expect a quiet meal at Isoji.

Always friendly staff

They’re popular at lunch, but you won’t see Shinjuku level-crowds here.

There’s a reason why Isoji is no. 1 for ramen in Yoyogi. If anything, visit to get a break from the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku.

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