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Comfort Ramen in Yutenji - Jyanmaru

For ramen in Yutenji, Jyanmaru (醤丸) hits home. Choose from their lighter or heavier soy sauce and pork bone powered ramen. The owner also speaks English and will definitely strike a up a conversation with you.

Ramen in Yutenji Jyanmaru - Outside

Best Ramen in Yutenji – Jyanmaru

For Ramen in the Yutenji area, there aren’t a whole lot of options to begin with. So it is easier for ramen restaurant Jyanmaru to stick out.

But their ramen is a solid late night option – they’re open until 1 am. Choose from their standard ramen or their “Gattsun” ramen. Both have a tonkotsu (pork bone) and shoyu (soy sauce) base.

Ramen in Yutenji Jyanmaru - Standard Ramen
Standard Ramen with Egg

Both will remind of Ie-kei (a heavy ramen style from Yokohama). But their ramen isn’t quite as heavy. The soup is more watery. There’s also less shoyu (soy sauce) prominence. In other words…not as salty.

Ramen in Yutenji Jyanmaru - Gattsun Ramen
Gattsun Ramen with Egg

In summary, their ramen taste lighter than they look! This is even the case with the “Gattsun ramen”. This is basically the standard ramen, but upping the ante with a silly amount of smooth-tasting pork back fat (seabura).

This version also includes more veggies – cabbage, spinach and bean sprouts. Perhaps to balance it out? Lastly, in the Gattsun ramen, the sweetly flavored braised pork (kakuni) is a big highlight.

Ramen in Yutenji Jyanmaru - Thick Noodles

At the counter, you’ll find jars of garlic and tobanjan (broad bean chili paste) to add as you like. With the greater amount of watery vegetables in the Gattsun ramen, these jars do come in handy.

One last note – you can request a (1) stronger soup flavor, (2) more fattiness in the broth, and (3) firmer noodles. But even if you do request (1) and (2), it won’t weigh you down.

In short, Jyanmaru hits the spot when it comes to ramen in Yutenji.


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