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Ramen Maikagura - Chicken Ramen with White Truffle Oil

Ramen Maikagura (らーめんMAIKAGURA) serves deliciously modern chicken ramen with white truffle oil. This West Tokyo ramen shop is closest to Chitose Funabashi station (Setagaya City).

Ramen Maikagura - Award-Winning

Some believe ramen shop Maikagura serves the best bowl of tori paitan (rich chicken ramen) in Tokyo. They did nab the number one spot in TRY - Tokyo Ramen of the Year magazine - for this ramen category.

Third Row, Third from the Left

On Maikagura's menu it's actually a shoyu (soy sauce) ramen that seems to take center stage. However, it's the tori paitan that's everyone's been raving about.

Chicken Ramen with Truffle Oil

The soup in this ramen is milky rich, as tori paitan is meant to be. It's only whole chickens, chicken bones and water. Furthermore, they're using reverse osmosis water.

It looks and tastes elegantly modern. The white truffle oil doesn't seem like a distraction either. If anything, it complements the layered, somewhat bubbly soup.

Among toppings, it's the poached egg (onsen tamago) that make the soup even richer. But the soup never feels overly rich. There are just 2 other toppings - green spring onions and pillow soft, slow-cooked pork.

The noodles are a 4 wheat flour blend, including Haruyutaka wheat flour. They're delicate, dainty and on the softer side.

A Must Visit in Chitose Funabashi

The owner at Ramen Maikagura worked at big-name Yokohama ramen shop Nakamuraya (now closed). He was there for 7 years.

The work he's put in has clearly paid off. His own his ramen shop in Chitose Funabashi has been the talk of the town.


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