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Tokyo’s Only Ramen Tasting Tour!

Tokyo’s first ever Ramen Tasting Tour was successfully launched on Oct. 15th, 2018. This one-of-a-kind tour includes 6 mini bowls of ramen from 3 award-winning shops.

Tokyo's Only Ramen Tour Tasting Tour - Mini Bowls

This Ramen Tasting is only possible thanks to mini bowls. Ramen shops normally only serve full bowls of ramen. But on the tour, you’re served ramen in bowls that are 1/4th the normal size!

Ramen Tasting Tour - Hokkaido Style Ramen

This therefore allows you to enjoy a great variety of ramen – 6 wildly different bowls!

Chicken Ramen as Mini Bowls

More than a Tour – a Ramen Adventure

The whole tour is an interactive, engaging experience. You’ll learn all about ramen – its storied history, its many types, and more! You’ll probably have a good laugh along the way too.

Walking on the Tour

Choose Your Ramen

To further enhance the experience, you get to choose your 6 ramen from 11 choices, via fun, customizable menus at each ramen shop.

Ramen Menu Choices

Book Now!

For more info and to book the Ultimate Ramen Tasting Tour, CLICK HERE.

Awesome video about the tour from our buddies at Fun, Friends, Food, Travel:


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