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Suidobashi Ramen Celebrity - Kagura-ya

Suidobashi ramen shop Kagura-ya (鶏そば かぐら屋 本店) is a champion of chicken ramen. They offer both rich and light options.

Rich Chicken Ramen

Kaguray-a's main shop is in Suidobashi, Tokyo. As stated, chicken is the name of the game. Pictured below is their rich chicken ramen.

In it, the seasoning is shoyu (soy sauce), chicken thigh, bonito fish flakes, mackerel fish flakes, niboshi (dried sardines), and kelp.

Kagura-ya Rich Chicken Ramen

It's as rich as it looks, with a velvety chicken flavor. The soup is Daisen whole chickens, chicken bones and fresh vegetables. We can put this one under the "tori paitan" ramen category.

With ramen, I normally don’t use condiments that much. But with tori paitan, I do. They have three-type pepper, garlic chips, raiyu chili oil, vinegar, and homemade spice powder.

Among toppings, the chicken chashu with grilled skin is particularly nice. Lastly, thin and straight noodles assist you in mopping up that milky broth.

Light Chicken Ramen

In the lighter version, they use a shio (salt) seasoning instead. It's is a mix of Sicilian and Setounai sea salt, Hidaka kelp, and niboshi. There are 10 plus ingredients if you add it all up!

Kagura-ya Light Chicken Ramen

The shio seasoning is radiant and really brings out the best of the chicken. The same awesome crispy chicken skin comes with the chicken chashu topping.

But the giant ume plum is the most unique sidekick. It slowly seeps into the broth, adding a tinge of sourness.

Thin Noodles

Kagura-ya - Great for Ramen in Suidobashi

The Suidobashi area of Tokyo has a ridiculous amount of great ramen shops. With its emphasis on tasty chicken ramen, Kagura-ya still manages to stick out.

Kagura-ya is a great choice for ramen in Suidobashi

Besides their main branch in Suidobashi, they have two other branches in Tokyo. They even have a branch in Malaysia too.

Suidobashi Branch


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