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Takadanobaba Ramen: Chicken Ramen at Kageyama

Kageyama (鶏白湯 蔭山 高田馬場店) is an excellent choice for Takadanobaba ramen. Their showpiece is a fusion tori paitan ramen. It’s savory, thick, and similar to cream of chicken soup.

Fusion Tori Paitan

Kageyama’s fusion tori paitan (thick chicken ramen) is East meets West. It’s ramen but at the end, particularly tastes like a cream of chicken soup. Black pepper and garlic chips sprinkled on top contribute to this unique marriage.

There’s even lettuce in the broth and it really absorbs that rich chicken flavor. You’re also served a lemon slice. This lemon helps break through that richness and change up the overall flavor.

Thick, curly noodles made by Asakusa Kaikaro

Lastly, a side of rice can help you mop up any leftover broth.

Hazelnut Tantanmen

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually a bigger fan of their hazeulnut tantanmen.

In tantanmen it’s normally sesame seeds or peanuts that are used. Kageyama decided on hazelnuts instead. These hazelnuts give the spicy broth a lovely buttery sweetness.

Kageyama is popular among Takadanobaba ramen shops. As such, you may have to wait a bit. But whatever you order, you’re in for a treat!

Here’s one of my favorite Tokyo tori paitan ramen shops: LINK

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