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Outstanding Chicken Ramen in Sangenjaya: Garyu

For ramen in Sangenjaya, Menya Garyu (麺屋 臥龍) is first-rate. Their additive-free chicken ramen is as clean tasting as it is scrumptious.

Cozy 8 Seater

First-Rate Chicken Ramen in Sangenjaya

Garyu specializes in tori paitan (rich and often thick chicken ramen). But their rendition of this style is lighter and more delicate.

Ramen in Sangenjaya - Chicken Ramen

Chicken Ramen

The broth is still packed with wonderful chicken flavor, owing partially to the use of game fowl from Okukuji. They also use Miou area whole chickens. It’s clean tasting and has slight hints of shio (salt) and fish between sips.

Broiled Pork Slices

If you upgrade your bowl, you can get 3 lovely slices of broiled pork chashu slices (the ramen to order is the “Aburi Chashu Men”). These slices have a uniquely gamey taste – perhaps in line with the game fowl in the broth.

Chicken Ramen with Broiled Pork Slices

Chicken Miso Tsukemen, Ramen

They also have miso ramen and tsukemen variations. The miso tsukemen is all about sweet raiyu chili oil. It almost looks and tastes like hinabe, or Chinese hot pot.

Ramen in Sangenjaya - Tsukemen

There’s a zesty peppery flavor alongside an oily sweetness. Sesame seeds decoratively float about in the broth too. In short, the tsukemen is a solid bowl. But the chicken ramen is undoubtedly the star attraction.

I love how Ganryu feels – the interior and exterior. It brings me back to my childhood. This coupled with a modernly flavorful chicken ramen makes for a wonderful ramen experience.


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